Bastion Latex Disposable Gloves Powder Free


Why do you use our Latex gloves?

  • Price for 1 carton (10 boxes= 1000 pieces, 100 pieces per box)
  • If you use these glove from now on You can save up to $20 per carton.
  • No Bad Smell
  • It is available small, medium, large size.
  • TGA listed
  • HACCP certificate
  • These products are powder free.
  • Designed to natural fit your hand.

Benefits of Our Gloves

  • It can be used for multi purposes such as food services, painters, cleaners and many more.
  • It is available small, medium, large size.
  • Made of with excellent strength and barrier properties. Non-sterile use, disposable single use.
  • These products are powder free making you are comfortable.
  • Protection unwanted or dangerous substances.
  • The soft gloves provide superior comfort and natural fit.
  • It is made to easier to put on gloves.
  • Protection of hand, Strong Ambidextrous, Clear and easy donning.
  • Good Elasticity
    Bastion Latex Powder Free Small Clear Gloves

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Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 37 × 25 × 23 cm



Delivery Policies

Free delivery within 30 minutes drive and minimum order: 1 carton (10 boxes).

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