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Solar 4G PTZ Camera – Unrivaled Security and Connectivity

Unleash Advanced Surveillance Technology

Elevate your security game with our Solar 4G PTZ Camera, a revolutionary solution designed to transform the way you safeguard your surroundings. Powered by solar energy and equipped with cutting-edge 4G connectivity, this camera offers unparalleled monitoring capabilities for residential, commercial, and remote applications.

Solar-Powered Independence

Bid farewell to power grid limitations. Our Solar 4G PTZ Camera operates independently, harnessing the sun’s energy to ensure continuous surveillance without the need for traditional power sources. Experience eco-friendly and cost-effective security that aligns with sustainability goals.

Seamless Real-Time Connectivity

Stay in the loop no matter where you are. Our camera’s seamless 4G connectivity empowers you with real-time video transmission and remote access to live feeds. Monitor your property, keep an eye on remote locations, and manage your surveillance effortlessly using your mobile device or computer.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Precision

Take control like never before. With Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality, you have the power to pan, tilt, and zoom your camera remotely. Cover expansive areas with panoramic views, focus on specific points of interest, and enhance your security strategy with exceptional precision.

Motion Detection at Its Finest

Stay ahead of potential threats. Our intelligent motion detection triggers instant alerts and notifications upon detecting movement within the camera’s range. Receive real-time updates, enabling you to respond promptly and effectively to any situation.

Day and Night Vigilance

Experience clarity around the clock. Thanks to advanced infrared technology, our camera provides clear and detailed monitoring day and night. Capture crucial details even in low-light conditions, ensuring your property is safeguarded at all times.

Enhanced Communication and Deterrence

Engage and deter with ease. The built-in siren and two-way audio communication enable effective interaction with visitors and the ability to deter unwanted intruders. Enhance your property’s security posture by utilizing the camera’s audio features.


Our Solar PTZ Camera

Simple Setup, Customized Control

Effortless installation meets tailored control. Our Solar 4G PTZ Camera is designed for easy setup without complex wiring. Customize motion detection settings and camera presets to suit your unique surveillance needs, ensuring a seamless experience.

Durability Meets Reliability

Face the elements with confidence. Crafted for outdoor performance, our camera boasts weather-resistant construction that withstands diverse weather conditions. Rain or shine, rest assured your camera will continue to provide steadfast security.

Special Offer – Unlock Value

Seize an exclusive opportunity. For a limited time, our special offer includes the Solar 4G PTZ Camera, a 32GB memory card, and a SIM card at an unbeatable price. This comprehensive package delivers exceptional value that exceeds its cost, providing a complete security solution.

Your Satisfaction, Our Assurance

Enjoy peace of mind. Backed by a 6-month warranty and exceptional customer support, our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. Reach out via phone, video call, or on-site support, and experience security without compromise.

Elevate Your Security with Solar 4G PTZ Camera

Transform your security strategy with the Solar 4G PTZ Camera. Unleash advanced surveillance technology that empowers you to protect, monitor, and secure with confidence. Don’t miss out – secure your property today!


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Size: 290*200*170mm

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5/5 (1 Review)


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